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At times a walk of faith and a journey through life can be a stretch for us. But in the highs and lows, one constant remains — Jesus’ unconditional love for you and his desire for you to be healed, whole and free.

With this in mind, the vision for Life Coaching was born. This is a ministry to both the church and the community. Life Coaching is designed to bring restoration, health, and strength to body, mind, and spirit through life coaching, healing prayer and nutritional coaching.

Appointments are available for individuals, families, teams and organizations on Monday through Saturday.


Life Coaching FAQ
What is a Life Coach? A life coach is . . .

  • A Teacher
  • A Planner
  • A Facilitator
  • A Motivator
  • A State Changer
  • A Passionate Person Who Can Help

What Can I Accomplish With a Life Coach?

  • Grow and Bring Balance to your life
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Priorities/Time Management
  • Exercise/Health
  • Career/Finance


For more information about Life Coaching contact:

clayClay Arnold

Life Coach


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