Graceforce Kids Ministry

Seeking God’s PRESENCE

The central purpose of P3Kidz is to help children respond to our extraordinary God. Through our programs, curriculum and activities, we desire for our children to expect God’s presence to be a dynamic part of church and life. Our hope is that each child will respond to God’s call and begin a life-long relationship with Him. This is not simply a one-time decision to trust God, but a growing and life-encompassing friendship with their Creator and Savior. P3Kidz seek God.

Connecting with PEOPLE

We desire for our children to love coming to church, to have significant and meaningful relationships with people of all ages, and to embrace the support and love offered by the body of Christ. Whether we’re having a party, singing praise songs, or playing Wii, we desire for our children to do life together.

God calls even young children to give and serve other. We encourage our children to be part of what God is doing at church, at home, at school, in our community and in the world. We give God’s love to others through individual acts of kindness, helping with church activities, serving the community, giving to missionaries, and more. P3Kidz love others.

Experiencing God’s POWER

God wants to pour blessings and gifts into our lives. As we surrender our lives to Him, He transforms our hearts and fills us with power. Through Him, we are privileged to be part of God’s world-changing plans. This is just as true for children as it is for adults. We want our kids to rely on God’s power and expect God to act through them. P3Kidz change the world.


To find out what’s happening with GraceForce contact:

Cindy McKinney

Children’s Director