Host Team

We want everyone who comes in the door at Grace to feel welcome.

We realize that visitors often make judgement about whether to come back within the first few seconds, yes seconds, of being here. Host team members are often that connection between visitors and the church, before a guest even sits in a seat at Grace. We also want our regular attenders to get a warm greeting as they come to church. 

Greeters –

These folks are positioned at the outside doors and the Worship Center doors where they welcome folks, show them where to take kids, where to find the bathrooms and coffee, and answer any questions they may have. They also help people find seats in the Worship Center.  Looking for guests and getting to know them is a big part of a greeter’s task on Sunday morning & a smile is key!

Hospitality  –

This important group of  people  is  gifted  with  hospitality. They organize  events  that  involve  food.  Discovering  Grace, family  dinners,  and special events need these folks’ particular attention.

Join the Team

Being on the Host Team is a great place to start serving in the Church.  If you aren’t  sure  of  your  gifts,  any  one  of  the  Host Team  positions  will  have  you meeting folks, shaking hands, answering questions or finding someone who can answer questions about Grace, and doing the things we are all called to do as serving believers in the local church.


For more information concerning Host Team service contact:

patriciaPatricia Menn

Host Team Director