Prayer Team

We have an amazing team of people who are passionate about praying for others. these individuals are gifted in discernment, intercession, wisdom, and compassion. They serve our body at the conclusion of the Sunday morning and other services by being available for prayer. They also meet with individuals for discrete, private prayer. This may be a one time session of intercession or a series of prayer times. Their goal is to help you connect with God for healing, restoration, guidance, or repentance.


Want Prayer? 

If you would like to meet with the team for prayer, contact or talk with a prayer team member after service to arrange a meeting. the prayer team regularly meets at church on tuesday nights, but other times can be arranged.


Join The Team

The prayer team is open to new members. After completeing the basic steps for being involved in ministry at Grace, those interested in joining the prayer team must complete our Prayer Training class, demonstrate maturity, wisdom, and discretion, and demonstrate gifting in prayer ministry.


For more info about prayer contact:

steveSteve Lawson

Founding Pastor