prayer & fasting devotions
We’ll post a new devotional each day, starting on January 10th. Our hope is that these meditations draw you nearer to Christ, and challenge you to draw near, worship, repent, and be encouraged. These have been written by folks from or connected to our church. At the end of the 21 days, we’ll have a written booklet with all the devotions available for you to keep. Come back daily for a new post. 
grounded in truth

This devotion will post on January 18th. 

standing on the promises

As this new year of 2021 dawns, bringing a variety of uncertainties that affect us all both personally and corporately, I believe God is calling me to press in ever so much more to His unchanging nature and the stability of His Word and His promises to believers…. No matter what is happening around me, God’s Word is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens (Psalms 119:89). And because of that, I too can stand firm and not be shaken! Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

vermin and treasures

There is nothing we can do to prevent earthly treasures from being lost, destroyed, decomposed, or taken. I can delay destruction. I can extend usefulness. I can erect safety measures. I can even enhance value for a time. But at the end, earthly treasure is dust. My passionate hatred of vermin, reminds me that all the material and financial blessings of my world are transitory and temporary. This verse reminds me that there is something real and enduring that vermin can never touch. Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

the only good option

Have you ever considered the extravagant luxury that is represented by a copy of the Bible in your own language? In those pages are the very words of God, preserved for us across time, so that we might know Him, and understand His heart. His Word provides us with wisdom on how best to live a life that honors and glorifies His name. Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

the hero of the story

I want to start with a question. What is the Bible? It is the Word of God of course. But what is the main point? What is the purpose of the Bible? When you read it, what is it that you are actually doing? Take a few minutes to think about it. Click here to read the rest of the devotion. 

on silence and solitude

There have been many hard and painful moments in this last year – for each of us personally, for our church community, for our country, and for our world. If we’re honest with ourselves like Hosea was, many of these moments have felt like wounds that God has either allowed to happen or has inflicted on us. I love that God’s Word doesn’t shy away from recognizing and wrestling with hard questions and painful moments. Click here to read the entire devotion. 

seeking the Lord through fasting

Fasting forces me to disconnect from the unthinking forward motion of life. Fasting requires me to struggle with my cravings, habits, and dependencies. Fasting reminds me that God is in control and everything here is temporary. Fasting tethers me to God and reveals those areas of my heart that are tethered to things of this world. Click here to read the entire devotion. 

the Lord’s prayer

Reflecting on last year, God has been sanctifying my heart through the Lord’s prayer. I had not been comfortable with prayer in my adult life. When I thought about praying, I was rarely confident in what to say.  Click here to read the entire devotion. 

an invitation to explore the trail

Reading through Scripture is a lot like hiking through a rugged, but beautiful country. There are exhilarating views and gorgeous vistas, but they aren’t as visible from the parking lot or trail head. The really inspiring portions of the country lie deep along the trail. Click here for today’s devotion. 

getting started
Today, make a commitment to pray and seek God, decide how you’re going to fast, and tell someone what you’ve decided to do. Click here to jump to our resource page. This will give you ideas and information about fasting. If you’ve never fasted before, these resources provide information to help you decide what sort of fast you will do, how to prepare, and how to stick with it. Even as you begin, seek God and trust Him to make it clear to you what he’s asking you to do as we seek Him together.