prayer & fasting devotions
We’ll post a new devotional each day, starting on January 10th. Our hope is that these meditations draw you nearer to Christ, and challenge you to draw near, worship, repent, and be encouraged. These have been written by folks from or connected to our church. At the end of the 21 days, we’ll have a written booklet with all the devotions available for you to keep. Come back daily for a new post. 
all 21 days devotion booklet

We’ve collected all 21 devotions into a booklet and made it available in digital and print form. The booklet will be available in print and on-line on February 7th. Pick up your print copy at church or download it here at your convenience. 

looking for people to bless

In 1 Timothy 2:1 Paul writes, “First, I want you to pray for all people. Ask God to help and bless them. Give thanks for them (NIRV).” A number of years ago, I had an experience on a plane that has irrevocably changed me. God’s call for me to pray for all people was etched into my heart and mind powerfully on my flight home from Sarasota to Greenville. Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

the necessity of generosity

Giving. Sacrificially. My first inclination when considering those two words at the same time is frequently a sour one. I mean, I tithe. Isn’t that enough? And in the moment I complete that selfish thought, I am well aware of my callous heart and how precisely ungenerous – and thus ungodly – I am behaving. Having been convicted of a sin, I can either rationalize and convince myself I am okay or repentant and ask God what He’d have me do. Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

follow me

This is a tale of two men. Both were boys from good families. They both had top notch educations and excellent opportunities to use their talents well. Both made the most of those opportunities, turning a tidy profit and gaining wealth…. Jesus looked into the eyes of both men and said, “Follow me.” Click Here to read the rest of this devotion. 



How many need hope today? How many are fearful? As I think on fear, I am reminded of the line in the movie Lord of the Rings where an orc walks into a small village and says “Fear, the city is rank with it.” He is used to being feared and doesn’t think he will be defeated. So many things we see in our lives can make us fearful.  Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

let’s do this together

[W]e have a Rock that is higher, more powerful, and greater than any here on earth or in the universe. He is able to fill you with that very same power, greatness, and highness. He will instill in you the discipline and the desire. But, you have to do it. You have to get moving from where you are to where you want to be. Click here to read the rest of this devotion.  

do it together

Many of us want to live life as a Christian well. We know we should pray more, read Scripture, and give to missionaries. Yet if you’re like me, you may find many of the “shoulds” that rattle around in your head leave you feeling inadequate or frustrated. Yet the example of Christ and the disciples encourages and challenges me to get past my self-condemnation and pursue discipleship. Click here to read the rest of this devotion. 

answer the call

Jesus’ challenge in Matthew 9 points us to those in the world who are lost and confused. They have no hope of eternal life through God’s promises, because they do not know about the power, grace and love of our Lord. They live lives wondering about without truth that end in eternal death. Click here to read the rest of the devotion.

getting started
Today, make a commitment to pray and seek God, decide how you’re going to fast, and tell someone what you’ve decided to do. Click here to jump to our resource page. This will give you ideas and information about fasting. If you’ve never fasted before, these resources provide information to help you decide what sort of fast you will do, how to prepare, and how to stick with it. Even as you begin, seek God and trust Him to make it clear to you what he’s asking you to do as we seek Him together.