calendar of events 

Here are some key recurring and annual events. Up-to-date times, dates, and details can be found in our weekly church bulletin or the Events tab of Realm Connect via our app or church family website. Click the following tab for a printable 2022 calendar of events at Grace. 
2022 Grace Calendar of Events
Available here on January 15

January 9 – Lunch with the Pastors

Lunch with the Pastors  |  Scheduled Quarterly  |   Meets right after service

Lunch with the Pastors is an opportunity for folks that are new to Grace to get to know us. Once a quarter, the pastoral staff and our families share a meal with anyone who’s new.  We’ll fellowship, share our passion for serving God at Grace, and answer questions you might have about the church, our mission, theology, and ministries. Right after the morning service. we’ll head upstairs to the youth room for our meal. Childcare is provided.
The next Lunch with the Pastors is always posted in our bulletin and calendar of events. Registration is needed so that we can prepare well to serve you. Contact Cindy McKinney if you have questions.  

September – Covenant Membership Class

Prospective Membership Class  |  Scheduled Regularly Throughout the Year 

If you’re interested in understand what we believe and how we live out our faith in this body, then we invite you to join us for a Prospective Membership Class. In this class, we dive into Scripture together as we explore theological issues that are central to faith in Christ. We consider what it means to be a follower of Christ and how we live that out together at Grace. At the end of the class, you’ll be invited to become a member of Grace. Whether you’re ready to make that commitment or would like more time to decide, we encourage you to get to know us, what we believe, and who we are through this class.
We schedule Prospective Membership classes at 9:00 before church on Sundays several times a year. We also coordinate with individuals, couples, and small groups of people to go through the class material at times that convenient.  If you have questions, please ask any of our pastors. 
Senior Pastor, Christopher Heslep (
Student Pastor, Andrew Whorton (
Chrildren’s Pastor Cindy McKinney (

Covenant Membership Meeting

Covenant Membership Meetings  |  Scheduled Quarterly Throughout the Year 

We place high value on membership at Grace. One of our core tenants says that “without community, there is no church.” In the New Testament, there is simply no concept of being a Christ follower without being part of a group of believers. Discipleship happens alongside others. Service happens with and for others. Corporate worship and collective pray are key components of life at Grace. At our quarterly Covenant Member Meetings, we come together as family. Ministry leaders bring us updates about what’s new, challenging, and exciting. Sometimes we deal with business matters like new apps, facilities, and budgets. And always we pray together for our church, missionaries, and individual needs. 

Grace Family Meals

Grace Family Meals  |  Scheduled about once every 2 months  |   Meets right after service

We love to fellowship with each other. Sharing a meal is a great way to just be a family. Grace Family Meals take place right after service. Sometimes it’s a coordinated potluck. Sometimes a group of individuals preps all the food before hand. And sometimes, we cater food from a local restaurant. Always, we enjoy each other’s company. We very much encourage visitors and new folks to join us for these meals, as it’s a great way to visit and get to know each other. 

November 18 – Third Thursday Worknight

Third Thursday Worknight  |  The Third Thursday of the Month | 6:00 – 8:30 pm | Third Thursday 

The deacons coordinate a worknight once a month. There are always a wide array of projects involving all sorts of different skill levels. We work together to keep the building is good repair. If you’d like more information about what the event, contact our deacons. Grayson Helmreich coordinates this particular event. 

Grace Women Together

Grace Women Together  |  Scheduled Quarterly Throughout the Year 

We have a great time as women of all ages at our quarterly Grace Women Together events. We gather to encourage each other in our faith, visit, build friendships, and be encouraged. 

Men’s Saturday Breakfasts

Men’s Breakfast |  Scheduled Quarterly on Saturdays @ 7:30 am 

The Men’s Ministry serves up a hot and hardy breakfast once a quarter! Join the guys for a relaxing time of fellowship along with great grub. Contact Ryan Bruce if you want more details.