Grace Force children’s ministry


The central purpose of Grace Force children’s ministry is to help children respond to our extraordinary God. Through our programs, curriculum and activities, we desire for children to recognize God’s presence, respond to his call, and grow deep roots of spiritual faith that will lay the foundation for life long discipleship and service.


10:30 am Sunday Mornings | Check In at 10:15
Nursery | infants through 23 months
Toddlers | 2-3 year olds
Preschool | 4-5 year olds
Team K3 |  Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
Team 456 | 4th through 6th Grade
6:30 pm Wednesday Evenings | Check In at 6:15
Nursery | infant – 23 months
Toddlers and Preschool | 2-5 year olds
Grace Force Kids’ Club | Kindergarten through 6th Grade 


VBS 2018
Wednesday Nights | May 30 – June 27
Check In at 5:45 pm 
Pick Up at 8:30 pm


We have a collection of wild and crazy events throughout the year to have fun, provide opportunities to bring friends, and to develop lasting friendships. 
  • Back to School Bash
  • Wii Tournament of Champions
  • Christmas Party
  • Glow-in-the-dark Treasure Hunt
  • Spring Party and Easter Egg Hunt
  • End of School Bash
  • Wacky Wednesdays Summer Fun


We care deeply about the safety of your children. We have a computer check-in system that helps us connect children and parents, keep track of allergies, and note any issues that you want us to know about. We run background checks on all volunteers and staff and keep this current. A large majority of our children’s volunteers have current CPR and First Aid certification. We have a safety team that works the building to keep all of us safe. And we don’t rest. We continue to do our best to keep up-to-date, ask question, and look for ways to improve what we do to keep your children safe. 




Cindy McKinney

Children’s Director

Ignite student ministry

We are all about helping students find their place in God’s story!

At IgniteStudent Ministries we are focused on building Biblical foundations for life. With great music, exciting fun, and incredible fellowship, students are equipped to live lives that reflect their personal commitment to Christ. Grace’s student ministry is built not only to impact those within the group, but to be a place where teens can invite their friends and grow together in a life-changing relationship with Christ.


Ignite Student Ministries is committed to spreading the gospel and reaching the world. We have gone on a wide variety of trips in the past and will continue to seek opportunities to serve and be stretched


6:30 pm Wednesday Evenings
Ignite Student Ministry


Throughout the year, we have special events and weekend retreats to encourage discipleship and just have fun. Join us for Wednesday activities to keep current one what’s happening. Or contact Andy Whorton to find out what’s happening. 




Andrew Whorton, Student Pastor


We* women’s ministry

We are women of Grace | our place HIS story

We are women of Grace, seeking to increase our passion for Jesus, purity of doctrine, and purpose in life.


Stay tuned for the 2021 Retreat Info 
Each year, we get away for a weekend from the challenges, business and routine of life to immerse ourselves in teaching, worship, prayer, and fellowship.


We* Bible Study  |  6:30 pm Wednesdays
On Wednesday nights, we study God’s Word. We have used Beth Moore studies, Stasi Eldredge books, and others. God has blessed this time abundantly as we dive into His Word together, find support from other women, and unit together in prayer. Check out the Events Page to see what we’re currently studying and order your study book. 


We enjoy connecting with each other. Throughout the year, we have informal and fun gatherings to get together and build relationship. Check out our Facebook Page to see what we’re up to. 


We serve Christ by serving others in the church, the community, and the world. Whether it’s taking meals to moms with new babies, making bags for the homeless in our community, or supporting a missionary through a 5K run, we are committed to blessing others with Christ’s love and the gospel. Check out our Facebook Page to see what we’re up to.  

men’s minstry

The men of Grace Community Church support a men’s ministry called Men’s Fraternity. This ministry’s vision is to equip and encourage men to take responsibility for the spiritual welfare of ourselves, our family, our church and our community, in that order, and to actively instill the same in other men.


Men’s Bible Study  |  6:30 pm Wednesdays

We meet weekly to study God’s Word, build community and accountability, and pray together. Visit the Events Page to see what we’re currently studying. 


Recurring Saturdays  | 8:30 am

Join us for great food and fellowship. There’s always plenty of bacon! Visit the Events Page to find out when our next breakfast is scheduled. 


  • To honor God
  • To provide education for men of God to achieve spiritual maturity
  • To provide a network of men of God with whom we can share common experience and knowledge
  • to provide opportunities to serve the Church and our community in a manner that inspires others to seek the heart of God
  • To prepare young men to take their place as men of God



Ryan Bruce |  Men’s Ministry Leader

Click here to contact Ryan.



creatives team

Are you creative? Do you want to put that creativity to use? 


Then this team is for you! With the Creatives team we have a HUGE variety of ways to get involved and put your talents to use. From helping maintain our website, social media, and even helping create the right atmosphere that we want to have on Sunday Mornings. The purpose of this team is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ through creating environments in which people can experience the presence of God. Creativity honors God and opens people’s hearts to the presence of God. We will try anything in a new, fresh way if it will help us reach people in our community. 


hospitality team

We want everyone who comes in the door at Grace to feel welcome.

We realize that visitors often make judgement about whether to come back within the first few seconds, yes seconds, of being here. Host team members are often that connection between visitors and the church, before a guest even sits in a seat at Grace. We also want our regular attenders to get a warm greeting as they come to church. 



These folks are positioned at the outside doors and the Worship Center doors where they welcome folks, show them where to take kids, where to find the bathrooms and coffee, and answer any questions they may have. They also help people find seats in the Worship Center.  Looking for guests and getting to know them is a big part of a greeter’s task on Sunday morning & a smile is key!



This important group of  people  is  gifted  with hospitality. They organize  events  that  involve food.  Discovering  Grace, family  dinners, and special events need these folks’ particular attention.

Join the Team

Being on the Host Team is a great place to start serving in the Church.  If you aren’t  sure  of  your  gifts,  any  one  of  the  Host Team  positions  will  have  you meeting folks, shaking hands, answering questions or finding someone who can answer questions about Grace, and doing the things we are all called to do as serving believers in the local church.


For more information concerning Host Team service contact:

Julie Dumdei

Hospitality Team Director

prayer team

We have an amazing team of people who are passionate about praying for others. These individuals are gifted in discernment, intercession, wisdom, and compassion. They serve our body at the conclusion of the Sunday morning and other services by being available for prayer. They also meet with individuals for discrete, private prayer. This may be a one time session of intercession or a series of prayer times. Their goal is to help you connect with God for healing, restoration, guidance, or repentance.


Want Prayer?

If you would like to meet with the team for prayer, contact or talk with a prayer team member after service to arrange a meeting. the prayer team regularly meets at church on Tuesday nights, but other times can be arranged.

 worship ministry

Grace Worship 

Worship teams help us worship God through music and praise on Sunday morning and other events. The worship team includes musicians, sound technicians, video technicians, and other media support.

Join The Team

There are many ways to be part of the Worship Team Ministries at Grace. Whether you’re gifted with computers, video, equipment, sound boards, wiring, a musical instruments, or your vocals, there are many ways to be involved. After you have completed the steps to get involved with serving at Grace, there are additional requirements for participation in our Worship teams. Individuals wanting to be part of this ministry must first serve in some capacity on the Host Team, complete an eight week discipleship class on worship, and complete task specific training. Band members must tryout and complete additional training.
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