opportunities to give

Ministry at Grace goes far beyond what is seen on Sunday morning. At Grace lives are being transformed, Missionaries are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth and we continue to support the needy in our local community. You can be an important part of the story of Grace through your heart of giving. Envelopes and offering boxes can be found throughout the building for your convenience. As a community we are committed to generously sharing of our finance, time and talents with those who have need and to further God’s mission to spread his goodnews. 

tithes and offerings

To help our church family be consistently generous, we have an online giving portal that enables us to give faithfully to the work that God is doing through the mission and ministries at Grace.  
  • It’s safe and easy
  • Accessible anywhere from your mobile device or the web
  • Enables recurring gifts or one-time donations
  • Enables easy tracking of your donations
Please click below if you’d like to make an online donation.