about Grace


our mission

Grace Community Church exists to help people find their place in God’s story.


our core values

We believe people need grace, not religion

People need Christ’s love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing. It is the most unique core value to Grace. It is our DNA, our mantra, our very name. 

We believe “helped” people help people

We are committed to evangelism, service and multiplication. Those who have been helped to find their place in God’s story, help others to find their place in God’s story.

We believe “changed” people change

We are committed to discipleship, sanctification, bearing fruit and wholistic change. One’s place in God’s story is characterized by growth, discipleship, and change. There are many words we use to describe the changes God works. We are saved, justified, converted, and adopted. But it doesn’t end there. Changed people change. We bear fruit, grow, are sanctified, and transformed.

We believe without community there is no church 

To be part of God’s story is to be part of his church. We are called to live interdependent lives, intertwined as family, submitted in unity.

We believe we are characters in God’s world, not the other way around 

He is the center of the story. Through worship, prayer, Christ-centeredness and submission we honor the Author and seek his purposes.

our history

Grace began in the living room of Steve and Karen Lawson in April of 1999. For several years prior, Steve and Karen had been wrestling with God’s call to lead a church that sought authenticity with God and other believers. We continue to pursue radical Grace rather than legalistic religion.

Grace has grown from those few people on living room couches to a dynamic, diverse body with ministries for men and women, students, and children. We serve God’s kingdom locally and abroad with Outreach Partners in Central Asia, Colombia, Burkina Faso, Vancouver, a Nepalese community in Houston , and throughout the globe through pastoral and leadership training. 
In 2000, we moved into our present building, although we only occupied about a fourth of it. God blessed us with the entire building a few years later. We expanded again in 2011 providing more space for children and student ministries, and expanding and modernizing the Worship Center.
2015 brought new changes and opportunities. Steve transitioned to a broader ministry outside of our local congregation. Adam Brind stepped into the role of our lead pastor, a position for which God had been preparing him for many years. His commitment to God’s centrality in our lives and the  integrity of Scripture encouraged Grace to grow and mature as a community.  We continued to pursue God together and become more invested in our church vision “Helping people to find their place in God’s story.”
In July of 2020 Scott Sutton joined Grace as the Interim Senior Pastor. Scott has lived and served with his family in the Hunt County area for many years. We are so excited to see where God takes Grace in this season as Scott leads us to seek and serve God. Many of the challenges facing Grace are not unique in this season of virtual services and global fear. But God’s purposes for Grace remain uniquely fashioned for this time and this place. Join us as we see his plans unfold. 


frequently asked questions

Is Grace Community Church affiliated with a denomination?

No. Our church family is made up of people from various denominational and non-denominational backgrounds. We are united in our desire to worship God together, ground our lives in the Word of God, and pursue the fulfillment of the Great Commission as a team.

How is the church led?

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is the sole Head of GCC, the Leader before whom all human leaders must submit. He communicates His will and leads His church:  primarily through the Word of God, the Bible, secondarily through the Holy Spirit residing in the hearts of all believers, constituting a royal priesthood who commune directly with the high priest, Jesus Christ, and finally, through qualified, commissioned men and women who serve in various positions of leadership.
On a human level, three groups of people direct the ministries of Grace Community Church. Those groups are the elders, staff, and ministry team leaders. The elders are members of the body who provide general watchcare and oversight. They continually evaluate the teaching ministry of the church and review major ministry decisions and strategic initiatives. They use their wisdom, discernment and shepherding gifts to ensure the church remains on a true biblical course. Scripture indicates that the ultimate human decision-making authority in the church rests with the elders.  Staff and Ministry team leaders direct the day-to-day affairs of the ministries of the church. Their main job is to equip, build and coordinate teams of volunteers so that ministry happens. The way these groups work together can best be stated as follows: the staff and ministry leaders direct the ministries of the church and all the activities of the church are carried out under the watch-care, leadership and supervision of the elders.
This cooperative structure provides a framework wherein the local fellowship lives and functions to bring honor and glory to God, and working together with other fellowships in Hunt County and around the world, to build the kingdom of God.

What about Baptism?

We will soon schedule another baptism service. Check the events page on the website or app for the latest date.

What are life groups?

Life Groups create predictable and authentic environments for people to connect with God and each other. Through Bible study and prayer, Life Groups generate an atmosphere of encouragement as well as challenge to grow in faith. Life Groups are essential to the life of our church. In a Life Group, you can expect to eat, make friends and study topics from Biblical perspectives.
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